transfer from U of Rochester

<p>Is it hard to transfer to Cornell with a GPA of at least 3.9 from UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER? (SPRING TRANSFER)</p>

<p>anyone????????????any response will be appreciated. HIGH SCHOOL GPA: junior: 3.74, Senior:4.14 UW:3.74,3.61, FRESHMAN NOW.</p>

<p>You need to give way more information: SATs, ECs, LORs, what school you're applying to, etc. But in general, yes, transferring to Cornell from anywhere is hard. I also assume you mean applying in the Spring but for fall transfer.</p>

<p>Much, MUCH easier to be admitted as a transfer than a freshman admit. I would think you'd have no problem, depending on the college & major at Cornell, getting in with a 3.9 from the U of R.</p>

<p>Transfer admissions vary very widely by college. For example, this fall CAS admitted only 7% of applicants and enrolled but 50 transfers.</p>

<p>wanttogotonyu - why are you transferring out of UR? Did you always intend to? Obviously, Cornell is a better school, just wondering.</p>

<p>MaidenMom---I am actually still thinking about if I should transfer, U OF R is a great school.</p>

<p>"Much, MUCH easier to be admitted as a transfer than a freshman admit.. "</p>

<p>This may not be true for endowed colleges because they may look at your test scores, and transfer rates are much lower there.</p>