Transfer from UC Berkeley to Stanford

<p>Hi, so I’m interested in transferring from UC Berkeley to Stanford. I’m currently a sophomore and I’m not happy with Berkeley at all. I was really excited to come here in the beginning actually but over time I’ve grown to hate this place despite trying to give it a chance. Classes are absolutely enormous and there is a constant sink or swim feel. I’ve tried to get involved in as many ways possible but I never feel completely engaged in anything because of the cold impersonal atmosphere. I’ve made thousands of acquaintances but not many friends. From every aspect, the days here just merely continue to drag on and I don’t feel like I fit in at all. Signing up for classes is always hectic and I almost never end up with the class that I want to. I want to double major as well and so any sort of mess in my schedule constantly puts me behind in terms of graduation. </p>

<p>I’ve met students who have transferred from UC Berkeley to Ivies and students who went to UC Berkeley for undergrad then Stanford for grad, but I am yet to meet a student who has transferred from UC Berkeley to Stanford. Considering that Stanford is Berkeley’s number one rival, how hard is it to transfer, not in terms of academic difficulty and actually getting into Stanford, but rather from Berkeley’s perspective? I’ve gone to office hours, tried to get into research projects, and even tried to have at least one professor more than once but it’s so difficult to get close to professors. So while there’s the possibility of getting lukewarm recommendations, would a Berkeley professor really want to even help me in transferring to their rival school? If you transferred from Berkeley to Stanford I’d really like to know your experience and how you handled it. Also, some information regarding the obvious differences you felt between the two after you transferred would be great. Thanks!</p>

<p>Let's just say that it doesn't matter if you're coming from Berkeley or any other schools. It's still a crapshoot. I don't think the fact that Berkeley is a rival of Stanford will have a positive nor negative impact on your chances.</p>

<p>You mentioned that you want to double major, but scheduling puts you behind. Transferring will most certainly be an obstacle that may delay your expected graduation year even more so, with credit transfers. Especially as a current sophomore, receiving credit for previously taken courses may be difficult.</p>

<p>All that being said, just think about the decision to transfer further. Don't decide on transferring hastily, because it is a huge decision and there are a lot of adjustments to be made if you end up attending a different institution.</p>

<p>Hi and welcome to CC!</p>

<p>I've been on the Transfer forum for a couple of years now and haven't seen anyone who's transferred from Cal to S. However, I think that has to do with the relatively small number of people accepted, not rivalry between the schools. I don't believe you're going to have any problem with a prof writing you a LOR, the rivalry is mostly sports oriented and much less so academic. Many profs in these schools cooperate on research and on the whole profs are professionals who don't let petty rivalries affect their job.</p>

<p>There was a member here 2 years ago who transferred to Yale, however I haven't seen him posting lately (most students move on once they're done with the admissions process).</p>

<p>I applied for transfer from Cal to Stanford and was admitted. Got almost zero financial aid so had to pass. Heartbreaking.</p>

<p>Transferring to Stanford is difficult from any school because they are not very transfer friendly. They offer all their open spots to Freshman and the number of freshman that do not accept their offer of admission is the number of transfer spots available.</p>

<p>It is worth trying for though if that's your dream! Good luck! I doubt the two school's rivalry will have any effect on your profs.</p>