Transfer from Undeclared Letters and Sciences to Computer Science and Engineering?

<p>Is it possible to transfer from the Undeclared letters and science major to the Computer Science and Engineering major in the college of engineering? I’m also open to transfer to simply Computer Engineering or Computer Science. </p>

<p>I know at some schools its nearly impossible to transfer into engineering, such as EECS as Berkeley or most engineering at UCSB. How is transferring into engineering at Davis?</p>

<p>Yes, you can do that. However, unlike transferring to other colleges (where you just fill out a major petition form and get the necessary signatures), transferring to the College of Engineering takes a bit more work. Here’s [url=&lt;a href=“Computer Science”&gt;]info[/url</a>] on how to change your major to CS&E.</p>

<p>Is the CSE major competitive to gain admission to? I’m appealing and having trouble whether I should try undeclared L & S or direct CSE.</p>