Transfer from Vanderbilt

I’m a freshman in Vanderbilt with a 3.5 gpa (not great, but I’m on the dean’s list & I expect that my midterm grades will be 3.7/3.8ish), a 3.55 HS GPA, though I went to a very competitive hs, and a 2400 on my SATs. ECs from HS are primarily track & field (including race walking) for 4 years (& three seasons a year) + captain, running a half marathon & an ethnic youth association I’ve been part of since I was little & lifeguarded for for a summer. In college I plan on creating a professional club, joined a professional club & a political/feminist club & am training for the marathon. Anyone wanna try to estimate my chances of getting into Wharton, Brown, McDonough, Columbia Yale & Harvard? (But probably won’t apply to the last two or three cause I think my chances are next to null) Oh and my intended major is econ with a double minor in finance & corporate strategy

You need a compelling reason as to why you want to transfer to these schools.

Econ department in Vandy isn’t stellar, the liberal arts requirements are too extensive, and I’m from the Northeast and I want to be closer to home.

You need reasons why only the school you are applying to satisfies your learning requirements not why vanderbilt doesn’t

Oh gotcha, I’m working on that for each school. So far I have the reasons why I’m transferring to Brown, which are the open curriculum & S/NS option (allows you to take classes you’re interested in), econ classes that focus on finance & management, language department offers language I’m interested in (Czech) & proximity to NY & Boston-cities that I’d like to work in. But lenient liberal arts requirements, proximity to NY/Philly/Boston/DC, and availability of lots of management/finance courses & majors in these fields are common themes in the why ___ essays. (If thats what you mean?)