transfer from Villanova University to University of Virginia

Hi! I am currently a Freshman at Villanova University in Pennsylvania and am looking to transfer to UVA in the fall, but am uncertain of how likely that will be as I am not from in-state. I have a solid 3.77 GPA at midterms and expect to maintain or exceed this at the end of the semester. The reason for my decision is due to a lack of community, energy, and passion I sense from the students. I really want a place that promotes community more and has student organizations that are driven. Also, there is truly a lack of diversity here in religion, race, ethnicity, etc, that I believe limits the worldview of students and leads to an apathetic student body. Not only this, but the campus facilities are just not what I expected with the amount of money that people pay to go here and I feel that there aren’t big enough spaces for the amount of students that they have.

My Courses this semester are:
Intermediate French 1: current A- (3 cred)
American Government: current A (3 cred)
Theology: current A (3 cred)
Ancients (Literature and Humanities): current A- (3 cred)
European History: current B+ (3 cred)
Advising Course: current A (one credit)
Arts and Culture Experiential Learning: current A (one credit)

Prospective Next Semester Courses:
Moderns (Literature and Humanities) (3 cred)
Intermediate French 2 (3 cred)
Intro to Statistics (3 cred)
Biology or Environmental Science (4 cred)
English (3 cred)
Arts and Culture Experiential Learning (one credit)

On campus I am involved in Student Theatre, Democrats, and First Year Research

Thanks so much!

UVA transfer admissions is fairly selective, but not unreasonable. Your GPA looks fine. I believe that UVA asks for SAT/ACT scores, so those may either help or hurt you depending on how well you did. If Nova was a reach/low reach school for you, UVA may be pretty rough in terms of your chances. If Nova was a safer school, you have a shot at UVA.