Transfer from WashU to USC

I am currently a freshman at WashU’s Olin Business School. I was accepted to WashU last year and was denied admission to my dream school USC, specifically Marshall. I was wondering what my odds of transferring to Marshall are? I have a 34 ACT, and will likely end this semester at WashU with a 3.7-3.8 GPA as of now. I also have a letter of recommendation from a volunteer organization I worked with. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Are you sure about the transfer? WashU’s Olin is as good as USC’s Marshall, if not better in terms of admission selectivity, ranking, and job placement. And you seem to be doing fine academically.

I’m not 100% sure I will admit. I feel like the schools are relatively similar in rank and placement (I could be wrong and I’d love to find out more info on this!). The main things for me are location, environment, and atmosphere, which I haven’t quite clicked with yet at WashU. I know it’s early on and Coronavirus has indeed changed things, however, the things in my mind that drive me to want to potentially transfer won’t change anytime soon. I feel like I’d feel more at home at USC. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Yes, the location would be the biggest difference between them. You also need to consider what specific area of business you want to focus. If your business specialization will be management consulting or Wall Street finance, Olin might have an edge. If your future career will be mostly on the west coast, Marshall might be better regardless of business specialization.

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Thank you! I’ll take this all into consideration!

What specialization are you leaning toward? Both schools have good and reputable business schools.

Not 100% sure yet. I know I’m interested in entrepreneurship and finance. So potentially consulting, IB, tech, private equity.

For those areas, I believe you can’t go wrong with either schools. You might want to apply to USC anyway and then decide if you are accepted. If accepted, for both business schools, you might make a list of pluses and minuses of attending each business school.

Also research companies recruiting at each of the campuses and the number of students offered jobs at each school. Each schools’ placement offices should have information on job offers.

Lastly, for each school, you should also research summer internship opportunities and the number of firms interviewing for internships and offers made. It is very important to secure a summer internship at least the summer prior to graduation. A summer internship is great work experience and with the right company, it may lead to a permanent full time job after graduation.

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