Transfer GPA

I am currently a sophomore at a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania (not Bucknell). I am looking to transfer to either Villanova, Boston college, Lehigh etc. I currently have a 3.723 gpa. I got a C+ in macroeconomics (don’t ask why lol) taking that class off my transcript I will have a 3.84 GPA. Is this a big enough jump in GPA to take it off my transcript? Is this a red flag to an admissions counselor? Is my GPA alone competitive for admissions to these schools as an incoming junior (57 credits)? Thanks!

How do you plan to take a grade/course off your college transcript? You cannot just pick and choose which courses and grades you plan to submit to any college for transfer.

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To be clear I’m not “picking and choosing” which courses go on my transcript. I have all A’s and a C+. The registrars office at my current school told me I could retake the course in the spring to get the previous grade expunged from my transcript.

Got it.