Transfer - Help and advice please!

<p>Hey guys, I'm a freshmen at Indiana univerity who applied to Wisconsin madison my senior year and got put onto the waitlist. I had a 3.3 HS GPA with a 33 ACT. My stats for college now is a 3.3 college GPA.
My classes are..
Chem-117 (5 credits)
Calc II (4 cred.)
Philoshphy (3 cred.)
Spanish II (3 Cred.)</p>

<p>I am going to apply for a transfer next fall (sophomore transfer), can anyone give me any advice on my application or my chances? Are my grades good enough? I really wanted to attend Madison since freshmen year in high school. Anyone have any experience with transferring to Madison?</p>

<p>You need at least a 3.0 in college to transfer and 24 credits. Try to get the best grades you can this semester.</p>

<p>what do you think my chances are? I just finished with a 3.30 gpa at IU. Anything i could do to help my application? Also, do you know of any other decisions of past transfer applicants with the same stats as mine? This is do or die for me since if i don't transfer I would have to pay a lot of $$ out of my own pocket for iu. Sorry for all the questions btw</p>

<p>Wisconsin is going to be a reach with a 3.3 gpa in college. 3.6-3.8 are about the averages. It is easier to transfer although schools usually only take in a fewer number of applicants. You really need to impress on your essays to even have a shot IMHO.</p>

<p>3.4 is the average transfer GPA, so you have a decent shot. Since you did really well on the ACT I would recommend sending that in as well.</p>

<p>Damn so I'm below average that means I have to write killer essays. Also, does the fact I went to IU instead of a cc bring up my chances? Also, do i have 24 transferable credits? I doubt the spanish will transfer since online it says to take 4 credit Spanish classes.. </p>

<p>My schedule next year is (15 credits in total)...
Organic Chemistry I 341 (3 credits)
Philosophy 155 (3 credits)
Psychology 155 (3 credits)
Biology 111 (3 credits)
Statistics 300 (3 credits)</p>

<p>I also numerous AP exam scores that qualified for credits, but I know they count. I also read online on cc that taking 300+ courses are bad for transfers. Is that true?
Thanks everyone for the help!</p>

<p>Don't worry about taking that 300 level class (my son took the 300 version of a course that was also listed with a 100 level number his first year- same lecture, different discussion). Typically having many 300 level courses implies being more than halfway to a bachelor's degree and you need that last half to be at UW to get a UW degree. They don't want someone taking their classes elsewhere and then claiming a UW education in the major. Remember- CC isn't the official word on anything.</p>

<p>Wisconsin will want to know why you wish to transfer and how you will work on your school work while there. The 3.3 will not help you, you need to convince them that you can be successful at Wisconsin. People get in Witt lower GPA's, but remember you're fighting for a LIMITED number of spaces available as a transfer. Don't stress too much on this and worry what people say, be you in your essay and tell them why YOU deserve to be there.</p>

<p>Actually it can be easier to transfer than to get in as a freshman. You don't have everyone trying to take the same intro courses, the major reason limitations are placed on the incoming freshmen. The only concern would be if you can be successful as a UW student. If your best grades are in your intended major and the other grades in general requirement courses you have a much better chance of being successful at UW. UW isn't going to admit you if you are likely to fail, hence the requirements. You need 24 credits before transferring, the Spanish counts for that. The foreign language credit requirement is to meet the needed semesters of it for graduation. Your college course may not count and you may need more courses than if it were a 4 credit class. You need to tell UW why you want to transfer instead of continuing at IU. It could be as simple as being a Wisconsin resident and wanting to save money or because the major you want is good at UW.</p>