Transfer help/questions

<p>Hello, currently I am a freshman attending Boston University majoring in Archaeology and minoring in Latin American Studies. I plan on transferring because I feel my major here is too specific and i want a broad approach to archaeology with a basis in anthropology (only two anthropology courses are required for a archaeology major at BU); therefore, I know I will greatly benefit in majoring in anthropological archaeology, which BU does not provide. I feel the atmosphere at BU is not beneficial for me, the advising is unhelpful for the most part and at times rude, and lack of diversity is hard to handle especially when coming from southern California. By the end of this spring semester I will have completed 28 semester units, having dropped chemistry the previous semester which I plan to take during the summer along with statistics. Currently my gpa is 3.23 which I expected will rise after this semester. I am a California resident, but I know that community college students are given first priority and that my gpa is not that high, but what can I do other than completing the GE requirements to increase my chances for acceptance. I want to go to UCSD, but i applied to UCSC for fall 2008 and got in. So now im really unsure whether i should stay another year and risk not getting in or just go to SC which isn't as good as BU or SD. Help please.</p>

<p>I really can't help you much but I think that non-community college transfers need a very high gpa to transfer to UC schools. How high can you expect your GPA to rise after adding on an additonal semester? I'm guessing not too much.</p>

<p>If you're interested in UCSC at all maybe you should think about going there this fall.</p>

<p>This whole issue might also depend on what the archaeology major is like at UCSD. Perhaps its not very competitive.</p>

<p>You should definitely try to contact a UCSD representative.</p>