Transfer help

<p>I don't really know if I should transfer.. I don't really like my current school although it's not the worst(have friends, one of the smarter kids) but I don't like the school as I feel I'm wasting my self here. The school is a joke, the building is run down(although a brand new building will be built by fall for most classes), alot of the students are idiots. Most of all I'm afraid my degree at my school won't matter.. I attend SUNY old Westbury..</p>

<p>-Year: Second semester freshamn, Honors college
-Credits: 28(12 from highschool, 16 1st semster), I'm also taking 18 this semester so 46 by fall 12'
-GPA: 3.85 first semester, trying to pull off a 4.0 for second semester
-Major/field: Business/accounting
-I will have some community service from my school completed and other various activities
-My high school transcript wasn't earth shattering(92+ GPA and did take numerous college course) regret for slacking, could have done much better..</p>

<p>So basically I want to transfer to a better school. Is it possible to transfer to a school like NYU and get a good transfer scholarship? </p>

<p>What are my chances of transferring to the following schools in time? Any chance of getting a decent scholarship if I get near a 4.0? Can you recommend me some more schools?
1) SUNY Binghampton
2) Hofstra
3) St. Johns
4) NYU</p>

<p>Also do schools offer free dorming scholarships for transfer students??</p>

<p>Thanks any input would be appreciated..</p>