Transfer HELP!

<p>I received a delayed decision letter yesterday--I had 1 year and 1 semester at JMU and currently am at Montgomery College. I applied to UMD from JMU during the fall semester to enter UMD in the spring, but they denied my transfer. I have a 2.86 from JMU before leaving. I DID get accepted to UMDCP as a FRESHMAN FALL SEMESTER in 2006 right out of high school. Go figure!!! Guess I am being punished now for not choosing UMD in the first place. HA!</p>

<p>I figured it would be easier to get into UMD if I enrolled in a MD community college. Not that easy, it seems. I will have an AA at MC by the end of this semester, but they still want to see grades before admission to UMD. I have straight As so far, so it really is hard to wait it out. I wonder what classes will be available by the time they make a decision in the end of May or June? I thought I'd be a shoe in with the MC credits, but apparently not.
Any suggestions on ways to get a decision sooner? Should I contact the transfer admissions person at MC or UMD?
Thanks for any help from anyone out there! It is such a bummer...</p>