Transfer Housing Help!

<p>Hi all, </p>

<p>So I'm transferring into UWM this coming fall. As I've spent the summer in the middle of the desert and only was accepted in June, I missed out on campus housing and haven't had much time to look for places off campus until now.
Since I'm from New York, I don't have the option to have a look around before I get there around August 23rd (unless I live in temp housing for a bit). </p>

<p>I am on a pretty tight budget (under $600). I wouldn't mind living by myself because I'm pretty picky about roommates (I'm a vegan)... I had found a couple of cheap studios and efficiencies but the idea of moving in before I actually see it in person doesn't sound to great. Anyone know the rep of these cheap studios near campus?
Any suggestions as to what I should do?? It's crunch time and I'm pretty afraid I'll be calling a nice piece of cardboard my home!</p>

<p>Most of the cheap ones probably are a little old but look at 3 and you'll find one you can stand. MANY people will have ads looking for housemates and they will be for all types including all Vegan probably. Or you might check into the co-ops--some are very veggie oriented. </p>

<p>Madison</a> Community Co-operative</p>

<p>So are the studios a see one, seen them all deal? Do you think it'd be terrible to rent without viewing?
I've checked out ads, believe it or not no vegans (all vegetarians already housed). I spoke to Lothlorien coop and it sounds like a dump, super dirty, never cleaned.
I guess it's a matter of whether I'd prefer to go blindly into an arrangement by myself OR with people...
Thanks for the advice btw!</p>

<p>There are lots of apts in the near campus area and the donot fill them when school starts so there will be some choices-mostly just south of State Street to Lake Monona and east of Park to just the other side of the Capitol. Most were built in the 60-s-80's for the cheaper ones. The news ones are high-rise and very nice but probably over $600--more like $900 or so.</p>

<p>Here's a very typical one just east of the Capitol--I lived a block from here on Blair and it was fine. Walk or short bus to campus and close to James Madison Park and the Farmer's Market. Fewer undergrads so not so noisy. Pretty quiet street. Also most older units include heat and water. Parking would be a BIG plus if you have a car. They ticket without mercy.</p>

<p>Courtyard</a> Apartments in Madison, WI |</p>

<p>Also check on the west end of campus- near the stadium. PM me for details on specifics if you wish. Use the off campus housing guide on the UW site. btw- it's UW, UWM stands for the school in Milwaukee.</p>

<p>thank you guys so much for your help! I have actually found some roommates (well I think so anyway), to go in on a 4 bedroom. If that fails, I have a studio on 22 Langdon I might go for (without seeing it first). </p>

<p>How do you guys like living in Madison??</p>

<p>22 Langdon is a good location for access to the eastern portion of campus and downtown. I loved it because there is a wide range--old hippie types and granolas, frat boys and girsl, politicos, business and engineering majors looking for big paychecks, etc. Pretty much anyone can find a comfort zone. Food co-ops for the earthy types, martini bars for the future bankers, etc etc. Definitely hit the Farmer's Market on the Capitol Square the first Saturday morning in town. Great cross-section of people including many profs, food carts, card tables for causes and good fresh food.</p>

<p>Barrons, I could not have described my three years living in that neighborhood any better. Loved Langdon Street/E. Gilman near James Madison Park. Two different apartments, three years.</p>