Transfer Housing Question(s)

<p>Can i expect to get one of my first 2 choices as a transfer if i completed my housing app in early may? Is early may considered early in the housing app process? Where are most transfers placed as far as housing goes? Oh and one more thing lol, for our meal plans, are there any places outside of the dining halls where we can use our meal plan?</p>

<p>Meal plans are for the dining halls but knight dollars can be used at many places both downtown and on campus. The smallest meal plan can work for many students depending on where you live. For Mason Gross students who attend class in downtown New Brunswick knight dollars are great because a bagel at Dunkin Donuts or one of the other many locations knight dollars can be used is a better buy or more convenient than the dining hall. The dining hall does offer a social environment. As a freshman 2 meals a day or the 210 plan was a wster for many students. Remember if you go home on the weekends, four meals are not eaten and can use used during week. This year, my kid is moving to 105 meals/one a day for the semester with knight dollars. Call housing, they are very nice and can give you first hand updates.</p>