Transfer Housing!

<p>Heyy, I was accepted to BU as a sophomore transfer student for the fall of 2010! I need to fill out my housing survey and am wondering if anyone has any housing recommendations? Where do sophomores usually live? I know BU has tonss of housing options so I have no idea where to start. I am very social and would like to meet people and have the ability to make friends through my living situation, and I would also like to have my own bathroom. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated =]</p>

<p>I was a sophomore transfer last year and I asked for Towers and I got it. It was pretty good. If you want to hang out with your floor though, you should probably ask for Warren, where people usually always keep their doors open and are always with people on the floor. It can get a bit annoying though. I found a lot of people to socialize with, even living at Towers, where people don't usually keep their doors open and you can also get the privacy that you need. Bay State brownstones are nice, but there'll hardly be any people in the building. Towers consists of sophomores and freshmen, whereas Warren is mostly freshmen. Warren is in the best location though, if you have classes in CAS, PSY, PHO, or MCS. Depends on your major. I feel that Towers has a better dining hall, even though it has less options than Warren dining hall.</p>

<p>As for private bathrooms, you'll only get that at HoJo, (officially known as 575 Comm. Ave), but then you'll have to share it with your two roommates. All floors, except one, have only triple rooms. The floor with double rooms are all most probably taken by now. HoJo won't have too many freshmen though. As for Bay State, you'll have to share a bathroom with probably 5 or 6 people, but the chances of getting a brownstone as an incoming student is very slim.</p>

<p>Quick question. I received a Spring Grade Request and I am not sure when the housing application is due. Since my semester ended somewhat late, my grades are going to be in a bit late. If I were to be accepted, considering the time my grades get in, would I still have a chance of getting on campus housing?</p>


<p>Wait.. since you've already been accepted, can't you submit your housing application? As far as I know I think you can, even if they ask for Spring grades. You should submit your housing app asap as I just checked - I submitted my one on the 3rd of June of last year, and got my first preference - Towers.</p>

<p>I have not been accepted yet. They sent a request for my grades to review my application at a later date. Here's hoping.</p>

<p>buusey- I'm in the same predicament as you. Hoping for the best</p>

<p>Ugh this sucks. I'm still waiting on a decision from BU since my spring semester grades were only made available about a week ago.</p>

<p>If I were to be accepted to BU, I would have definitely gone there but without on campus housing, I'm not so sure since I really want to have an active social life as well...bummer.</p>

<p>Can anyone tell me what my options are in terms of housing at this point and how that usually plays out socially, especially for transfer students?</p>

<p>I know at the University of Maryland, where I am at, many students are given off campus apartment first as freshmen, but they're run by the school, so there are tons of other kids in the exact same year and situation as them, leading to equal opportunities to socialize. Is there anything like this?</p>