Transfer Housing

<p>I was recently admitted as a transfer and I am wondering what my best on campus housing choices would be for the autumn quarter. I know that the apartments are practically all taken, so any information on on campus housing for a sophomore would be great. I'm looking for a social/fun atmosphere, but also for a dorm that houses upperclassmen. Any tips would be great! Thanks!</p>


<p>If you're looking for off-campus housing, check out this site: OSU</a> Off-Campus Student Services : Off-Campus Housing : Housing Search</p>

<p>Are you in honors? There are usually a lot of Sophomores in Bradley, which is a fun atmosphere. Lincoln, too. I'm not familiar with the normal dorms.</p>

<p>No, I'm not honors and as of right now I think it is too late to get any cheap/decent housing close to campus, so I'm looking for the best on-campus options for upper-class students. Thanks, again.</p>

<p>Drackett is the largest upperclassmen residence hall, so they might still have space. I'm not sure and I would contact housing ASAP because you might have to get put in a predominately freshman hall since you're housing will be turned in later than the other upperclassmen.</p>

<p>Even if you aren't honors you might still be placed in an "honors" dorm. I lived in Taylor my freshman year and it was about half freshman, 1/4 upperclass honors, 1/4 transfer.</p>