[TRANSFER] How to fill out “college report” on common app?

Hello, this is an urgent thread that I am really confused with and even the colleges I called are no help. Some schools I’m applying to for transfer require me to submit this form called “college report” on the common app. When I open the form I am so ******* confused on how to fill it out electronically. My school is currently online so I can’t just walk into my counselors office and fill it out together. When I open the document it doesn’t allow me to type on it. However, on the form it says that this form should be completed by my college counselor or official, so do I just email the form to my advisor and have them fill it out and send it to me? This is really making me frustrated because I’m confused how you go about sending the college report. Do I fill out the first part? If so, how does my advisor fill out the second part?? UGHHH can someone help please? Thanks

I haven’t looked at it but my suggestion is to print it out, fill out your section, use a scanner app on your phone to convert it to a PDF and then email it to the person who will complete the second section and then send it to the school you’re applying to.