Transfer - I got my Financial Aid letter first!?!?

<p>So I recently checked my mailbox today and saw a letter from NYU (gasp), but noticed that this was the first correspondence I have received from NYU since I submitted my application. The letter contains a clause that reads, "As you now look forward to becoming an integral part of our diverse community, you have much to condsider". The letter also contains other clauses that indicate my acceptance.</p>

<p>Has anyone else had this experience and received further correspondence? I am freaking out right now!!! LOVE NYU, I'd appreciate any feedback.</p>


<p>I had a similar situation happen to me this year. I recieved a letter from the Silver School of Social Work telling me about upcoming events for accepted students before I even recieved my acceptance letter!!! When I got the e-mail I was so excited and jumped to the conclusion I was accepted. A week later I got my acceptance letter from NYU in the mail!</p>