transfer if accepted as a freshman?

<p>hi guys,</p>

<p>nice to meet you. i am in a somewhat unusual situation (i think) and i was wondering if you could shed any insight on it. i was accepted to yale as a freshman, but decided to attend a small liberal arts school in minnesota. i've got some pretty significant issues here though, and i'm thinking of trying to transfer to yale. funny that i could've avoided this problem to begin with if i'd just gone there, lol. hindsight is 20/20, yeh?</p>

<p>i don't want you to "chance me" or anything (because it's silly), but does anyone have reason to believe that being accepted as a freshman already would help or hurt my transfer application? just for reference, i'm transferring as a junior (ie i'm currently a sophomore) and my gpa here is 3.98. i have a bunch of reasons for wanting to go to yale specifically (residential colleges, intimate undergrad atmosphere academically and socially, socio-psycholinguistics program that's not offered at my current college, proximity to urban areas which is important to my academic interests).</p>

<p>ps - if you're reading this and you're stressed about college admissions, please relax :) i'm happy to answer any questions from undergrad yale hopefuls or anything, just shoot me a message.</p>

<p>thanks so much you guys, i hope the remainder of weekend treats you well.</p>

<p>ps - sorry if this is in the wrong forum...i don't know how these things work</p>

<p>You already know that the odds of being accepted as to Yale as a tranfer student are very low. But you fit the profile of the student who has the best chance of being admitted as a transfer.</p>

<p>First, you were accepted to Yale as a high school senior. That's a big plus. Many of the kids who transfer to Yale fit your profile. Second, you can articulate solid reasons why you want to transfer. I think you already know this, but when you write your essay, avoid saying anything negative about your current school. Instead, focus on positive reasons for transferring. Offer specifics on what you hope to get from Yale and why you would be an asset to the campus. You've begun to do that in your OP. Best of luck!</p>

<p>My D1 was accepted to Y as a fr but it was a year before the FA policy changes and she was considering med school in the future, so she attended a top public on a merit scholarship. She transferred to Y as a soph. </p>

<p>Given your acceptance as a fr and current gpa, academic ability is unlikely to be an issue. It's very difficult to say what they are looking for in transfers, outside of CC students, of which there were none in the 3 years D1 was there, there were transfers from a range of publics, privates and the armed services schools. So, just be sure you have a few more transfer friendly colleges on your list.</p>

<p>I don't think it's a problem saying why your current school doesn't work for you, but say it in a way that's not putting it down.</p>

<p>thanks! i do think carleton (my current school) is a really fantastic college, just not for me, so i won't be bashing it in my essays, lol.</p>

<p>thank you for your insight.</p>

<p>Visited Carleton last 'spring' with D2, the ice rink was cool. But it was the end of March and still blizzarding!</p>