transfer if accepted as a freshman?

<p>hi guys,</p>

<p>nice to meet you. i posted this in the yale forum, but i thought maybe it should be here. so many forums! anyway...i am in a somewhat unusual situation (i think) and i was wondering if you could shed any insight on it. i was accepted to yale as a freshman, but decided to attend a small liberal arts school in minnesota. i've got some pretty significant issues here though, and i'm thinking of trying to transfer to yale. funny that i could've avoided this problem to begin with if i'd just gone there, lol. hindsight is 20/20, yeh?</p>

<p>i don't want you to "chance me" or anything (because it's silly), but does anyone have reason to believe that being accepted as a freshman already would help or hurt my transfer application? just for reference, i'm transferring as a junior (ie i'm currently a sophomore) and my gpa here is 3.98. i have a bunch of reasons for wanting to go to yale specifically (residential colleges, intimate undergrad atmosphere academically and socially, socio-psycholinguistics program that's not offered at my current college, proximity to urban areas which is important to my academic interests).</p>

<p>thanks so much you guys, i hope the remainder of weekend treats you well.</p>

<p>Well, it can't hurt your application. But Yale is still a crapshoot for transfers.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply. yeah, i realize yale transfer is unlikely for anyone and i'm totally equipped to face being rejected.</p>

<p>i guess i need to stop thinking of college admissions in terms of dating. i feel like i asked yale out on a date and they said yes, but then i then stood them up, and now they want revenge. i think it doesn't really work like that...</p>