Transfer International Student

Do you know Universities/Colleges where I can apply for scholarship/CSS aid, if I am an international transfer student?
I would love to apply for drama/theatre/acting/performance studies

What is your budget? What can you afford to pay without taking on any debt at all?

What are your plans for after you graduate with a bachelor’s degree?

I am from a small country, so basically zero.
With theatre I have a lot of plans but mainly to be an actor.

A full ride is very difficult to get. There are a lot of excellent international students who would like to come to the US for university. We would need to know quite a bit more about how strong a student you are before people could suggest realistic schools to apply to (if there are any).

Do you have acting experience or other related experience?

Normally international students are expected to return to their home county after graduating university in the US. Your student visa will not allow you to stay in the US. Is there a film industry in your home country and will getting a degree in the US help you get a job in your home country?

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Have you done any research about this major field of study at US universities?

Are you aware that there are thousands of “acting” hopefuls who take low-paying jobs in the service industries because they can’t find work as actors? Many do this for years because it’s all about luck and most can’t ever break into the business.
Sorry, but, as an international transfer student, who needs significant aid, your chances of getting funds are minuscule to zero.