Transfer into NYU?

<p>what are my chances of transferring into NYU for fall 12 from SUNY New Paltz (on the rise and pretty competitive state school)</p>

<p>College GPA: 3.77, i expect the same or better for next semester with mostly 200 level courses
SAT: 1860
HS GPA 3.0 (bad i kn0w :/)
EC's: good, internships with county executive, volunteering on presidential campaigns, etc
Legacy: Mom went to NYU (will this help at all?)
aid is not an issue, can afford to pay in full</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but it's really unlikely that you will be able to transfer to NYU unless you have really high stats. It's harder to get into NYU as a transfer than it is as a freshman and in all likeliness with stats like those you wouldn't have been let in as a freshman. I have a friend who showed leadership skills, good extracurriculars, and (I'm assuming) decent GPA and scores but he was outright rejected when he tried to transfer in last year.</p>

<p>I had the same SAT score and my father is an alumnus from Stern, but I entered NYU as an Early Decision freshman put into LSP and those certainly weren't the reasons I was accepted.</p>

<p>I suppose if you really want to go, it would be worth a shot. But I highly suggest you understand what you're getting into first in terms of the city and social life. NYU is very unlike typical universities.</p>

<p>yeah im assuming i wont get in but i might try...bump</p>

<p>i need characters for a bump</p>