Transfer Matches


<p>I'm about to go into my 2nd year at Purdue University majoring in biomedical engineering(maybe pre-med). I really, just don't like Purdue. Living in Indiana is just awful. There just isn't a lot to do in West Lafayette. Plus, being from Florida, the cold ripped me a new one last winter. I don't think winters would be a problem moving forward, but I'd like to avoid the supreme cold if at all possible. So over the course of this summer, I've been compiling my list of schools I'd like to transfer to, and I feel like I don't have any match schools. I've got my dreamy reaches, and my down to earth safeties(UF/UCF). But I'm not sure where my numbers would "match." </p>

<p>Here are my numbers - I'll be applying as a Junior.
HS GPA - 3.3 unweighted. I was in IB and we had some ridiculous weighting methods, I don't even know. Took the most rigorous courseload if that means anything.
SAT - 1400/1960
SAT II - 800 Math II ; 800 Physics</p>

<p>Purdue GPA - 4.0
I'm pretty involved. Music, ultimate, other random stuff.
I'm not too worried about recs either.</p>

<p>What are some matches/realistic reaches?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I would look at Cornell, Penn, Vanderbilt and Northwestern (go through the transfer threads here and compare your stats)
your GPA and hs stats are golden. the only thing I can think of that may hurt you is your reason to transfer. A good school is not going to take you "because its too cold here." Come up with a good reason and you should be fine.</p>

<p>Wow, would those schools really be matches for me? I know that high school stats are not looked at as much, but I feel as though most of those who are getting into those schools have pretty great high school stats. I just don't want to get my hopes up too much. Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>cornell and penn can be your reaches. cornell's COE takes 6% of transfer applicants, but it does happen. come up with good reasons and you should be in the running. i see vandy and nu happening as long as those essays are solid</p>

<p>Maybe Case/ U Rochester? It does get cold in those places. (But so does Cornell in Ithaca). </p>

<p>Rice? (It has a 25% transfer acceptance rate).</p>


<p>U Maryland College Park? (You would want to find out the acceptance rate for out of state students to know for sure).</p>

<p>No they all wouldnt be matches, but Vandy and NU and maybe Cornell would be match/close reach with Penn being a reach</p>

<p>cornell engineering is never a match for anyone. 6% transfer acceptance rate and many applicants have 4.0s. it's silly to call it a match.</p>

<p>I agree with ironically, Ivies are never a 'match'. Also, LOL, if you hated the Illinois winter, DO NOT go to Cornell. The Ithaca snow/winter will be even worse.</p>

<p>FWIW, I lived in Ithaca and chicago, when I lived there chicago winters were worse. Don't know about UIUC.</p>