Transfer Mistake

<p>Hi - I'm a senior in high school (or will be, this Fall) and have been dual-enrolled for a year... by the time I graduate I'll have 36-39 credits. I applied to UM as a freshman rather than a transfer student... is this correct? Should I apply as a transfer even though I'm technically still in high school, and if so do I need to do my whole application over again to correct it? Thanks!</p>

<p>Don't ask us.
Call the school and ask admissions!!
Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the insightful response. lol
I e-mailed admissions, have yet to hear anything back. :P</p>


<p>Unless you have been accepted to a college/university and taking classes under their auspices and not your high school's, you are a Freshman admission.</p>

<p>I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I was accepted to the local state college last year as a dual-enrolled student and will be full-time this Fall (although still enrolled in high school; I'm homeschooled, if that matters).</p>

<p>Either way I think you would apply as a Freshman because there are certain classes that schools make you take as a freshman such as a university 101 class to get you used to being on campus. You will not have to take other freshman classes though if you have already completed them.</p>

<p>You were dual-enrolled at Miami or another school?</p>

<p>If Miami, then you would not be a transfer, because you're not transferring.</p>

<p>If another school, then yes. A transfer student, by definition, is a student who completes X amount of credits at another institution.</p>

<p>"Transfer applicants are those students who are currently enrolled at another college/university, and students who would like to pursue a second bachelor's degree. If you have fewer than 30 college credits at the time you apply, you must submit official high school transcripts, the Common Application Secondary School Final Report and SAT/ACT scores in addition to your core application documents."</p>