Transfer need advise!

I really need some guidance here. I have a conditional transfer offer for tech and want to do CS. I am currently taking CS at UGA (freshman) but I originally applied to Tech from High School under industrial Engineering. The issue is that thanks to covid I was not able to fully fulfill the transfer by major requirement for CS (missing a lab elective) but I have done so for Industrial. So should I apply as Industrial and then switch my major? How much of a nightmare would it be to switch anyway? Also whoever is in Tech’s undergrad department did a terrible job as she told me I can only apply again as Industrial to satisfy my Transfer offer which is also contributed to me not completing the CS requirements marginally.

I am not even 100% sure if CS will be my 100% major for college but that is what I have come to conclude so far

ps- ive heard the conditional pathway is has a really high chance of admission.

How do you know that the advice received from “Tech’s undergrad department” was wrong ?

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Because I later found out from another advisor at Tech that this was not the case. I’m just afraid that I will be locked in a degree I dont want.

You can change your major one time unrestricted. After you have earned 60 hours you need permission (not sure if that includes AP credit or not). Doesn’t seem like you have a choice other than to apply to industrial design. I would not change immediately if you are not sure computer science is what you want to do

apparently that one time unrestricted only applies to freshman. They told me I could still apply under CS but that my application would be counted under regular transfer since I have not met the requirements. I can switch majors as a transfer after one semester but at the same time I have heard some people say you might still be denied which in that case I will be stuck with a major I might not want. So im really on a bridge here. Oh also I was referring to Industrial Engineering.

You can definitely change after freshman year but sounds like it applies only tofreshmen admits.

Coming from a programming profession, I can say that CS is ridiculously employable. It really won’t matter if you graduate from GSU or GT. Of course, I’m a little bias. I’m kind of thinking that…maybe…you’re considering IE because that’s what GA Tech is steering you to :slight_smile: CS is the single most popular major for that school. If you’re already in a major that you like, then that’s really more important than the school you go to.

From my professional perspective, computers is highly employable and hugely diverse with endless options for specialties and subspecialties, across every industry. And, for the most part, it doesn’t even require math.