Transfer Notification Date?

<p>I'm wondering if anyone knows the transfer notification date for Duke? I haven't received any emails yet about the date and I'm starting to wonder...</p>

<p>As well, does anyone have the link to the login accounts for transfer students? I can't seem to find it...</p>

<p>Did you see on the Duke Admissions site that they will start sending pins this week? We can log on on the 15th to view the decision. I'm so nervous!</p>

<p>My question:</p>

<p>How many transfers does everyone think they'll take? I think, over the years, it has ranged from just over 100 to as low as 20.</p>

<p>Has anyone gotten their pin yet?</p>

<p>Nothing yet. No emails yet. Hopefully there will be some communication today as the website indicated there would be communication throughout the week.</p>