Transfer options honestly

<p>I'm an international student at UMass Amherst (Commonwealth Honors college). I'm not really international as I went to High School here, but I'm technically one because of my visa status. I'm extremely unsatisfied and feel like I could be doing more some where else. </p>

<p>I've got a 3.7 for the semester (not because the classes were hard, but i just kinda hate it here). On top of that I'm an elected member of the Student Government, serve on a school student committee and am on the debate team. I'm also part of the astronomy club. I've got an SAT score of 2120 (Math:760, Writing:700, Reading 660). I ended High School with an unscaled GPA of about 3.1. It's a really respectable High School though. Most of my classmates go to Ivy league schools or top tier liberal arts colleges. Where can I realistically look at getting into?</p>

<p>(these would be the dream really, but if you have better options I'm down)
Universities: Tufts, UCLA, UCSD, UC- Irving Brown, NYU, BU, Umich </p>

<p>Liberal Arts schools: Vanderbilt, Colby, College of William and Mary, Hamilton, Oberlin, Reed.</p>

<p>Are these goals too high? or are they at the right level? are there any other schools i could look at? </p>

<p>I also can afford to pay at max 30,000 a year, so i'll need financial aid as a international student. </p>

<p>I came into UMass with 28 credits which is approximately 2 semesters worth of credit. So this kind of makes me a sophomore. Does this mean I can only apply to transfer this year? Is it decided by how many semesters one physically spends at a school or how many credits worth they have?</p>

<p>I'm also possibly looking for a school that has international relations as a major?</p>

<p>If you can answer any of these questions, it would be unbelievably appreciated.</p>

<p>Very few schools provide need-based financial aid for international transfer students. It looks like Reed does, but Vanderbilt's site says that it doesn't. You're going to have to check each school's site individually.</p>

<p>Also, where or not you're eligible to transfer is based on the individual school. Note that if those 28 hours came from AP/IB credits, you might lose many hours of credit by transferring.</p>

<p>The UCs don't take sophomore transfers and they don't give the kind of aid you'd need to OOS students. Michigan will also not give you the aid, and NYU and BU are highly unlikely to.</p>

<p>Also, you can not count on these schools accepting the credits UM Amherst did, the better the school the less likely they'll accept them.</p>

<p>While the other schools do give some aid to internationals, getting some as a transfer is unlikely. You need to add schools where you can afford the full price. There are many at $30K.</p>

<p>don't bother applying to LAC's, don't even waste the application fee because Colby and Hamilton only accept like 10 kids and more than 300 apply. go to colleges websites and search " common data set" and you will see how many transfers get accepted each year, and it even shows how many men and women transfers are accepted</p>

<p>As a sophomore transfer with a relatively poor hs GPA you're gonna have to wait until junior year to get into the aforementioned schools. For Penn, if you didn't get in as a freshmen, you're not gonna get in as a sophomore transfer. You should try to retake your SAT and get your GPA to a 3.8+ as a junior transfer to realistically have any chance.</p>

<p>Port your not going to get denied from a college because your GPA is 3.7 and not 3.8+?</p>

<p>Funny that I was told by a close friend of mine who is a hiring manager in Cisco that an International Student in UMass Amhurst declined an $100K/year job offer from him. The guy took a job with Amazon for around $120K...</p>

<p>For colby transfers 157 kids applied and they accepted 31. It's not great but it's not horrendous either, plus i was wait listed there the first time around. This means they already have an application from me as they keep them all. </p>

<p>Yea I've altering my list a lot once I get it a bit more finalized I'll post it to see what people think.</p>

<p>Also in regards to artloverplus Umass is a fine school, people come out of there and make boat loads. However the whole atmosphere is not for me, even the honors college.</p>