Transfer Options

<p>Hi, this is my first thread, so I'm not really sure what to say and add. If you have any questions regarding detail, then just ask. Anyways, like I said this is my first time posting on this site. The history behind that is, I got into every school I applied to as a senior in college. That didn't really matter, because I got into my dream school, so the other schools were just blown off. Everything seemed perfect, I qualified for 18,000 dollars worth of scholarships a year, despite my GPA being at a 2.5. I was extremely active in high school. I participated in multiple clubs, including the two I created and was president for. I had a good social standing with teachers, so my recommendations were very positive. To add onto why my GPA was rather low, is that I suffer from depression and anxiety, and so I was often tired or I shut down in high pressure situations. I also went to a college preparatory academic magnet school, and all of my classes were honors or AP. Fast forward to college, where I went through an even deeper depression. I apparently was a danger to myself, and it had a lot to do with the social aspects of college. I had a bully, well possibly multiple, who made my life a living hell, but to keep up I had to pay attention to them. I suppose you could call it a toxic friendship. Fast forward to now, I have just gotten out of a psychiatric hospital to figure out my diagnosis, work my meds out, and get down to the root of why I am shutting down. It opened a lot of doors for me, and I think there is no doubt about it that it helped. I am not currently at my "dream school", instead I take two classes at a local community college and I work. I miss being academically challenged and I miss the social scene of schools. I hate being the only 19 year old in my classes and also being the only one that knows what's going on. Oh, and my diagnosis is borderline personality disorder, which is why I shut down and slacked so much. I don't want to blame the diagnosis, because I feel I'm to blame. More importantly, I just want to move forward from that year of hell, and this semester of disenchantment. I want to know are there any options? I know I can go instate, but I want to go back to being out of state. I realize it's getting a little late in the game to apply to schools, but what are my other options. I am considering just taking 3 art classes to finish my major/minor in art next term to bring up my GPA. I just want to know, what else is there. I know I need my GPA up, but I also want to see if I can add things to my resume such as some sort of volunteer work that allows me a little breathing room to do things outside of my current location. If there are any options or suggestions please let me know. I appreciate your time for reading this long, long essay.</p>

<p>I don't think it's late in the game. What kind of schools are you looking for? Also, is the 2.5 GPA from high school or college?</p>