Transfer...please chance!!

<p>I'm looking at BU, NYU, and Emerson, also possibly USC and UCLA </p>

<p>Currently I attend UCSD but their Visual Arts (media) programme is just not what I'm looking for. Also, I miss the East Coast dreadfully. </p>

<p>HS gpa weighted: 4.6
Unweighted: 3.8
SAT: 1790
ACT: 26</p>

Honours: Biology, English, geography, history, French (3HS years), physiology, chemistry, algebra II/trig, geometry, theatre, </p>

<p>JC: precalc</p>

<p>AP: English (3), German (5), APEuro, Stats, Psych (3)</p>

<p>IB: English HL (5), Film (6), History HL (5), Psych SL (4)</p>

<p>EC's (includes time at university): JV softball (1year), V swim (1 year), NHS VP (1 year, but member for junior and senior year), Leo Club member (1 year), taught at an elementary school for help in reading one year, CSF (3 years), film club (2 years, secretary 1 year), Eagle Link (1 year), helped an artist with her exhibition, taught students at an event called STING about sound design, currently working for marketing and design for UCSD and I'll be there either until I transfer (by then 1.5 years) or until I graduate, I was a GS up through 10th grade, and have participated in other volunteer projects. </p>

<p>I'm looking at a Fall 2012 transfer as a junior. Let me know what you think!!</p>

<p>You give us no college GPA or leadership/ extracurriculars at UCSD. BU is not terribly hard to transfer into. If you do well (3.4+), I'd say you have a chance for BU and Emerson and if you get like a 3.7+, I'd say you have a decent shot at NYU and USC. </p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>

<p>Ohh shoot I thought I'd included my college gpa! My bad. It's 3.5, should be 3.7 or so after this quarter. The ec's I listed include stuff from Ucsd, I just didn't make a separate list. Thank you for the reply!</p>

<p>In that case, I think you have a shot at all of your choices, though UCLA could be a big reach because it is hard to transfer into.</p>

<p>Yeah that's how I feel too, they're highly selective for the Media major. I'm thinking BU and NYU for my top choices. Thank you for your help! :)</p>

<p>You have a good chance at every school you listed transferringAway. Including UCLA.</p>

<p>Good luck for u.</p>

<p>I'd say you're in at bu and decent shot at nyu. How many credits have you taken?</p>

<p>Thank you guys! </p>

<p>Bottlecap1990 - even with such an impacted major at UCLA, you think it could work? I'm planning to join the media club this quarter at UCSD to pad my resume.</p>

<p>Well with my transfers from some JC classes during hs I have 84 credits but strictly UCSD I'll have 50 by the end of this quarter.</p>

<p>TransferringAway. If you can swing 4.0(or close to that) the for the next few semesters, I am willing to bet that you will get into at least one of the schools you listed. You have an overwhelming number of credits with a good GPA.</p>

<p>Awesome, thanks! I forgot to mention that I also volunteered for the San Diego FF and had an internship with a local tv channel if that helps at all</p>

<p>Sorry if this isn't related to your question. TransferringAway, I'm a freshman at CCC considering transfer to UCSD Visual Arts (Media). Can you tell me why the program is not "what you're looking for"? I'm interested majoring in something related to digital media art (not film/TV). And I think UCSD has a great program there. What don't you like there?</p>

<p>Also, by transferring to UCLA, do you mean UCLA DMA program? What are you going to major in BU, NYU, and Emerson?</p>

<p>Last question, you said you have 84 credits in total. Are those in semester/quarter credits? Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Can't blame you for wanting to transfer away from UCSD....Zzzzzzz</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you can only take 70 of those 84 credits to UCLA you might want to check the cap on other schools. Be aware of that.</p>

UCSD's media programme is (and the professors/TA's/students will all tell you the same thing) heavily engrossed with the avant garde/new media side of things. My advisor even told me that UCSD's programme is not meant to prepare you for Hollywood filmmaking. That's fine and dandy for some...but I'd actually like to make money in the future haha. Their MFA programme is far better than their undergrad. I'm actually no longer considering the east coast schools...I just finished applying to UCLA as an art history major and SFSU as a cinema major because their cinema programme looks great. UCSD was honestly never my top choice but a lot of people like it. I'm really hoping for SFSU or UCLA ://</p>