Transfer possibilities?

<p>I applied to the school of communications for the Radio/TV/Film program, knowing enough about the program itself, but not knowing about just how competitive it was. I was rejected :(, but was considering applying again during my freshman year in college (am still deciding on what that college will be as of right now).</p>

<p>But I was wondering...from any current students [either in the program, or those who just may know the answer]... just what does it take to get into this program? I know the standard answers like "dedication to the subject" and stuff like that. But I mean... do any of you have friends in this program that have done something specific that you think was a big help to the application? My friend and I co-created, and currently co-host and co-produce a television show for our local cable access network, which, being naive, I thought was big, until I realized that other kids are probably making movies while saving lives and curing diseases at the same time.</p>

<p>Thanks for any input you guys have!</p>

<p>i'm not in that specific program, but i transferred to nu this year and i can say that the winning combination for successful a successful transfer application seems to be the following (a lot of it is "duh" type stuff)</p>

<li>coming from a good school
(there was one community college transfer i am aware of this year, many more students from cornell, uchicago, etc.)</li>
<li>very good grades
(obviously it's been done without this, but aim for all As. Most transfers I am aware of got straight, or very nearly straight As in their first year at college.)</li>
<li>test scores from high school must still be good
(the lowest scores i have heard of are in the range of a 29 ACT)</li>
<li>GET INVOLVED at your current school
(don't seem like you are wasting away, do things to include on your application that show you are still being productive/contributing to the campus even in adverse circumstances)</li>
<li>follow up, follow up, follow up
(express interest in NU, send supplemental materials, etc.)</li>
<li>get good recs and if you have any connections to the university, use them</li>

<p>your status as a second-time applicant will help show your interest in nu, which will help, just make sure to get good grades and try to get close with at least one professor so that you can get a quality rec (i know that can be hard sometimes, i transferred from a really big school)</p>

<p>but i can not emphasize enough, GET GOOD GRADES. argue over low grades you receive, go into your professor's office hours, etc. etc. etc. many transfer students i know had 4.0s their first year in college, try to do the same. Transferring to NU is definitely possible, just keep doing your extracurricular film stuff and I think you can do it.</p>

<p>I was also rejected and I will probably apply to transfer since I like Northwestern so much. I figure straight A's in Hutton honors college @ Indiana might do the trick. My ACT was 31 and I should have a 4.0 by the time I graduate high school. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some stats on transfer applicants?</p>

<p>^^ i actually was in Indiana's Hutton honors college last year. There should be some stats threads if you search in the transfer students forum.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!<br>
I'll most likely be attending NYU, and even though I'll probably be okay there... it's just the idea that I might be missing an opportunity to try for my #1 again that's getting to me. So I'm almost positive that I'll apply for transfer. And hopefully, getting good grades!</p>