Transfer Preparation! Help!

<p>I'm new to these boards so I apologize in advance if I break any kind of rules or etiquette. Here are my academic stats:</p>

<p>University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sophomore, 34 Hours completed, 3.59 Cumulative GPA.
Undeclared Business</p>

<p>I haven't declared a major yet but I'm certain that it will be either Finance or Economics. I also plan to have a career in that field. I'm very unhappy with my current college and I'd like to start planning a transfer to a new college for the Fall 2011 semester. When I send my transcript in I should be at 49 hours and my GPA will be slightly higher. </p>

<p>I have a few schools in mind but I'm not sure whether or not they are realistic possibilities or just dream schools :/ . I'd like to send applications to 9 schools that have strong undergraduate programs in Finance or Economics. This would consist of three schools I can easily get into but are still respected programs, three schools that would be a realistic possibility, and three schools that would qualify as dream schools. Would Vanderbilt be within reach?</p>

<p>Vanderbilt doesn't have a business program. They do have economics. I believe you can recieve a minor in finance their but I'm not completely sure. From what i hear Vanderbilt is apparently pretty transfer friendly. If you can level your GPA up to around a 3.7 then I would say you would have a very strong chance applying as a Junior to Vanderbilt. (if you want to study economics)</p>

<p>However I have not applied to Vanderbilt, But I considered it. Someone else might know a little more than I do.</p>

<p>Other schools with good economics programs</p>

<p>University of Chicago is really strong
Ohio State

<p>And of course your usual Ivies and stuff.</p>

<p>I transferred into Vandy with a GPA much lower than yours from a similar university. I think it is within reach for you grade wise, but what are you EC's?
Vandy does have a finance minor (financial economics to be exact) and many of the big banks recruit on campus.</p>

<p>Most of my EC's right now are pretty unofficial and not really what you would call academic, they are more sports oriented if anything. I coach and referee youth soccer and then I play for UAB's traveling club soccer team and in various intramural sports. I also am a chess coach and a piano teacher. In high school I was a little bit more involved. I was captain of my HS soccer team and the chess club. A member of the swim team and a pretty avid piano player. I also did Habitat for Humanity. </p>

<p>My list is unimpressive compared to some of the intimidating EC lists I've seen on this site but I'm willing to get involved on campus if need be. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>I also coach a youth team and play club soccer, I definitely mentioned that in my essays. But I also had 2 good internships and did research among other things.</p>