Transfer Question and Opinion (Really Need One!)

<p>I desperately need an opinion on this decision. In this upcoming Fall 2011 semester I will be entering into my junior year of college. However, I really want to transfer. It's too late to transfer for the fall semester, but I figure transferring the spring semester isn't horribly late. Here's the catch: I have attended a full year at the school I want to transfer to (I entered as a freshman). Due to medical issues, I made the rash decision to withdraw from the school and apply to a college closer to home. I entered my new school right away to start sophomore year, so I didn't take time off. I have a 4.0 GPA currently, and I have big desire to go back to my old school! Does anyone think that's a good decision considering my circumstances, or should I just suck it up and finish my bachelor's degree at my current school? The school I want to return to is Muhlenberg College and I know it might sound dramatic, but I applied early decision to this school as an incoming freshman and I WANT to receive my undergraduate degree from them. I can't explain the feeling. I miss it deeply. Thoughts? I really appreciate the feedback!</p>

<p>Well, the only catch is that transferring after sophomore year is usually really difficult. My advice is, though, you'll never know unless you try! Your essay should definitely explain why you left and why you want to go back because they'll probably be wondering that.</p>

<p>There's no reason you can't do it, but you may have to take an extra semester. Colleges generally require that you earn a minimum number of units there ("in residence") to receive their degree, and depending on what their policy is, it may not be possible (or reasonable) for you to hit that number in just three semesters. The "residency requirement" should be listed in the catalog.</p>