transfer question for my brother

<p>hi all-</p>

<p>so here's my brother's situation. he briefly attended san jose state, picked up a bunch of D's and F's, and dropped out. after taking a semester off, he started going to a cc with the intention of transferring to UCI for fall 2011.
i'm he even eligible for TAG? and also, can he make up the D's and F's from sjsu by taking equivalent courses at cc?</p>

<p>no, you can only retake the sjsu classes at sjsu. they'll look @ it on a case by case basis, but the courses at state can't be replaced by those at cc</p>

<p>That is not correct. UC's do replace CSU grades with CCC grades. </p>

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<p>The problem with your brother's situation is UCI's TAG does not allow anyone with credit from 4 year universities to do TAG... So no, he is not eligible for TAG at UCI. But other UC's do accept TAG's for people who have completed work at 4 year universities.</p>