Transfer QUestion(From Duke University)

<p>After reading this thread, Please be honest and give me a candid advice.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>Hello, I am a rising junior who is majoring chemistry and visual art at Duke. </p>

<p>My dad, when I talked him about going to an art institute, did not like the idea and wanted me to major sth that is related to science then go to a medical school after I graduate. I, too, thought that becoming a doctor then do drawing as a hobby was a cool option when I decided to go to Duke. However, now I know that this path is not the one that I heart. I want to do art. </p>

<p>One of the main reasons that I am considering Cooper Union, besides I really want to go there, is that my dad does not like the idea of transferring. He knows how hard it is to get into Cooper Union and if I get an admission letter from there, he will see how seriously I consider this entire issue of transferring and about my future. </p>

<p>I declared my major as Visual Art and Chemistry, so I have been taking quite a lot of studio art classes at Duke. I have taken 15 credit-worth visual art classes, which fulfills the transfer requirement for the school.
I talked about this issue with the art professors a lot, and some of them advised me to stay here as a chemistry, art double major than go to Art graduate school, but I want to spend another 2 years in the place where I can really learn the things I want to learn and enjoy myself doing them. </p>

<p>I have pretty high SAT score and good highschool GPA, but have a relatively low college GPA; I got all As and 1B for the art-related courses and am confident that I can get fabuluous recommedation letters from both of my highschool art teacher and a college art professor. I was sick for the freshman year so had to withdraw from all courses and come back to Korea, and for last semester I was sick again, so the GPA was relatively low... and now Orgo and neurosciece is messing up my GPA as well. </p>

<p>So my college GPA is 3.3 right now.</p>

<p>For other information:</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian(South Korea)</p>



<p>Highschool GPA:

<p>Recommendation letters:
confident to have really good ones.</p>

<p>Sorry for this long… message, but recently I was really stressed out about this issue, so please understand me. </p>

<p>So... last question..</p>

<p>Do you think it's worth trying, taking a year off and starting making portfolio from this summer and applying for early decision transfer to Cooper Union? Im posting this because, Cooper Union is such a hard place to get into, and it is such a great risk for me to take...</p>


<p>i think cooper weighs its home test a lot. you can have a try!</p>

<p>Hey, to be frank I did my high school out of USA. gpa too percentage 68% aggregate ...studied physics in high school.....SAT around 1010 in verbal and maths....</p>

<p>and I got waiting list from school of art at Cooper Union this year.....
So, what you have to realize is that gpa etc...dont matter in cooper union for art...</p>

<p> true...cooper union weighs its home test by 75% and other 25% your grade ..scores recommendations
applying cooper union is challenging yourself...</p>

and truly</p>

<p>The Cooper Union is the best college in the whole world and they know student by heart and miles away before you know them.......</p>

<p>and looking your grades and all i guess you have extra positive i suggest you to try ....bests</p>

<p>Follow your heart. I made the mistake of doing what others thought was best for me instead of doing what I wanted for myself. The stress and heartache isn't worth it in the end if you are not happy.</p>

<p>It can't hurt to apply; the worst that can happen is that you are rejected and stay in the same situation that you are in now. It's sounds like you really love Cooper Union, so do what you think is best for you.</p>

<p>Cooper Art does not give a **** about SAT, GPA and other stuff. They will only care about the Home Test, your portfolio and possibly recs.</p>