Transfer question from high school senior

Hi I am a high school senior from San Francisco, CA.
I applied early decision to NYU fro fall 2015, but I was only offered admission to NYU Shanghai with full ride scholarships. But honestly New York City is where I dream to go.
I am also admitted by UC Berkeley and Fordham, and waiting for a few RD. But NYU is still my dream school and I’ve been starting to consider transfer though I am not even a college freshman.

If I were to apply as a transfer student to NYU, should I choose UC Berkeley or Fordham? Which one has a higher chances? UCB is more prestigious but Fordham is in New York.
Any thoughts? advice? Thanks!

I definitely would consider UCB for cost issues, but Fordham might be easier.

Congratulations btw…UCB is one hard nut to crack

Good luck!

Thanks! But why is Fordham easier tho?
Isn’t UCB more prestigious? or they kinda like accepting transfer students from not so good schools?

UCB Haas is definitely the more competitive school for business which would help your transfer application but you also have to take into account GPA, extracurriculars etc. If you have a 3.8 GPA at UCB and 3.8 GPA at Fordham, UCB would definitely be better, but if you have a 3.8 GPA at Fordham and a 3.4 GPA at UCB, I think your chances would be higher coming from Fordham.

That said, I think if you are confident in your freshman year GPA, UCB also provides a more compelling transfer essay and reason for why you turned down your NYU Shanghai offer, by allowing you to pitch yourself “wanting to be at NYU in NYC” versus you wanting to be at NYU vs Fordham since you would already be in NYC.

As a bonus, you would save a lot on in-state tuition as @ImNYUobsessed‌ mentioned, which is definitely going to help with living costs if you move to NYC :smile:

Either way, no matter which school you are coming from, you will need to create a compelling transfer application with your freshman year performance which is ultimately the most important factor.

Thank you! This is so helpful!
Going to Berkeley certainly saves a lot of money, but I am just not sure if I want to spend another year on the west coast.
I totally see transfer admission relies much more on GPA than first year does, and once I decide to do it, I probably will study ten times as hard as I do in high school. My another concern is that in a big school like UCB, it is much harder to have close relationship with professor and have them write you good recommendations.
You suggestion on the essay makes so much sense! I will definitely take that into consideration.
Many thanks!

I totally forgot about professor recommendations. They were a huge part of my transfer application as well, I believe they were and likely still are a required part of the NYU transfer process. I remember I had 3 recommendations although I don’t recall if that was the required amount.

What might surprise you is that even at a large institution, it isn’t that hard to make a connection with a professor. Very few students make it a goal to actually connect with their professors, and even less so for freshman year intro level courses.

It’s in a sense, easier to standout if you are the top performer in a class of 300 than a class of 30. Regardless of where you go, professors are pretty open to providing recommendations to well performing/humble students and almost always want to see them succeed.

I will say anecdotally though, I have met many more transfers from west coast universities than in the Greater New York area.