Transfer Question

<p>I have an associates degree, I plan to apply to a state university. I realized that I did not meet all of the requirements listed to be considered a transfer student according to the school's website. The website tells me to apply as a transfer student if I have earned college credit, yet like I stated earlier, I do not meet some of the specific requirements under this option. Should I still apply as a transfer student or should I apply as a first time freshman?</p>

<p>Hello Mike146,
I would apply as a transfer student and not a freshman. You might have to take a few additional courses to meet the university’s degree requirements, but other than that, most of your credits should transfer over and otherwise fulfill you general education requirements. My advice would be to find out what classes you need that you did not complete in your associates degree and take them over the summer. There are exceptions to what I have just written, but as a general rule, I think you should be fine.
Best of luck transferring,</p>


<p>Certain classes are transferable to that state university you're trying to go to so you should probably go to your CC's transfer office.</p>

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