transfer question

<p>im a freshman planning on transfering for the next fall. i was wondering, how much weight do you think institutions like boston university, nyu, boston college and the likes put on the institution you are coming from. im taking a pretty hard course load. i also have pretty decent grades from high school (1290 sat, 720 math ic, 770 us history, 680 writing, 91-92 unweighted avg with hard courseload, rank 8/721, pretty good ec's) i was wondering will the institution im coming from make a big difference (i hope on finishing up with a 3.5-3.6 at the end of this first semester)</p>

<p>I've read from many different colleges (though not from the ones you mentioned) that if you've only got a year of college under your belt, they'll place most of the emphasis on your performance in high school. I'm pretty sure it's more or less the same at all the other universities.</p>

<p>oh okay i understand.....well based on my high school performance, how do my chances look for the schools mentioned including others that are similar in admissions selectivity and prestige.....and is a 3.5 or 3.6 college gpa with a rigorous course load decent enough? thankssss</p>

<p>bump......please evaluate</p>