Transfer questions (AA, etc) *repost*

<p>I'm not sure which board would be better so I'll post here as well. So basically my major is Electrical Engineering and I'm currently attending Pasadena city college. I have all but one major pre-req finished (Physics 1C E&M, I was unable to add this due to school class cuts) although the counselors say that I have finished all my major pre-reqs... </p>

<p>I'm planning on applying to CSU's (maybe UC's if I can finish my personal statement in time) but the problem is that I don't have all my GE's done. I have well over 60+ transferable units with a couple GE's finished. </p>

<p>I only have one class left to complete the Golden 4 (section A3 critical thinking) and I will complete that in spring (Physical science 2 or something else). I was thinking of completing GE courses to get two AA degrees.</p>

<p>So I'm stuck on what to do for spring semester, should I:</p>

<p>-Take physics 1C E&M with a couple GE courses (not enough for an AS-T or AA)</p>

<p>-Finish CCC general ed. and get two AA's (Natural Science, and Engineering & Tech)</p>

<p>This last one I don't think I'll make it in time, </p>

<p>-Finish IGETC (Needs 21 units). If I decide to finish IGETC I won't be able to finish it in the spring term but I should be able to finish it in the summer term. (will have to take max semester units to achieve this) </p>

<p>Should I just go for the AA's or finish the last Physics course+GE's and ignore getting AA's?</p>

<p>What will the AA's do for you? I don't know the UC systems, so unless the AA's help you gain admittances somehow over the EE pre-reqs, I would be taking the courses I needed and not worrying about he peripherals.</p>

<p>Honestly I don't know anymore, I've been told one thing and then something else entirely the next time. I'm thinking of just taking the last physics course and finishing up some necessary ge classes or something.</p>