Transfer questions??

<p>So I was academically dismissed from my university about a year ago. Since then I have been attending a community college and have been doing really well. I plan on transferring soon so I was wondering if I have to report my academic dismissal to my new school or just send them the transcripts from my community college? Thanks</p>

<p>Unfortunately, you must submit everything. Don't try to hide it, it will only make it worse. There is a master database that has information from every college you ever went to. Sorry.</p>

<p>Yes, you do have to submit transcripts from every school you have attended. </p>

<p>The good news is that colleges and universities understand that some students don't "get it right" the first time - for whatever reason.... not well-prepared, priorities out of whack (too much partying or whatever). And that just because they were off track one time does not mean they will permanently be off track.</p>

<p>Schools DO appreciate the "turnaround" story. They will give serious weight to your current track record, showing a significant change from your past record.</p>

<p>Now, if an academic dismissal was for violations of honor code/cheating... something like that would be a different story, for which I have no expertise. Anyone with that type of problem would need to post a separate question about that - with a thread title specifying dismissal for reasons of academic dishonesty - so that users with experience in that realm could comment.</p>

<p>Best of luck and let us know how things go.</p>