Transfer recs

I'm in the process of planning who to ask for recs. I was wondering, would this same process be like asking your high school teachers for a rec? </p>

<p>I'm assuming you needed to give them resumes, correct?
What exactly would I include in my resume? With my HS classes, EC's, activities, etc. it made my resume look rich but with only a semester under my belt my resume would look boring and bland.</p>


<p>Preferably you know your professors well enough that you could just approach them and they'll tell you kind-heartedly what they want. But I would imagine they want to see your resume just to get an idea of what you're like outside the classroom, even if you're not heavily loaded on notable achievements right now.</p>

<p>Would one recommend that I include high school achievements as well, or would that be irrelevant? (Not sure if colleges look at your HS EC's still... lol or notable achievements in hs).</p>

<p>I am actually in the same boat here. When should we start to ask the professors? I'm (and I'm assuming lullabies is too) applying for Fall 2012, which means apps are dues for the most part in March or April.</p>