Transfer Reqs Met, Not Enough Units?


So I am a non-traditional student, took some time off to work after initially going to a community college and failing out due to some personal problems.

I’ve been working really hard the last 2 years to transfer from a different college, and I’ve followed the IGETC requirements to a T and met all the Gen Ed and major requirements I needed, but somehow am 20 units short?? I don’t understand how this happened but is there a way forward besides just taking bs classes to get units? I thought I was on track but a transfer counselor just kept barking “60 units” at me today and I don’t understand how this happened if I’ve met all the requirements. I started my apps and I was set to apply this fall for next fall. What the hell happened?

Told this won’t affect me for private transfers but only CSU and UC - but my backup school was a CSU so this bad! Please help!

IGETC is around 30 semester units to complete. You are saying you only had an additional 10 semester units to complete for your major prep classes leaving you with 20 semester units shy of the needed 60 units for transfer?

You need 60 semester units by Spring 2021 for Fall 2021 admission.

Did you do academic renewal and retake any of the failed courses?

Are you attending a quarter system community college (De Anza, Foothill, Lake Tahoe)?

If so, note that 1 quarter unit = 2/3 semester unit, or 1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter units.

You need 60 semester units or 90 quarter units.

Note that UCs other than Berkeley and Merced are also on the quarter system. So, for UCLA, you need a minimum of 90 quarter units. However, if you are at a semester system community college (most of them), then if you have 60 semester units, you have met the minimum of 90 quarter units.

Most CSUs are on the semester system, but San Luis Obispo is on the quarter system.