Transfer Requirement Help

Hello everyone! I am an aspiring Aggie and am currently a freshman at a Texas Community college, I will be applying to Texas A&M for a sophomore spring semester transfer with 24 - 30 credit hours. I was just curious as to what I should be aiming for as far as a GPA to give me the best shot of being admitted. Thanks!

@terp111 What major are you looking to transfer into? And after 3 semesters, you should probably have more than 30 credits. Are you needing to work which is hindering you from taking at least 12 credits per semester?

Also, depending on major, there may be specific course requirements or recommended course. Let me know and I can help you figure those into your schedule.

Well registration opens on July 1st so I’ll only have the first year’s transcript when I apply, correct? Also I’m looking to go into Construction Science or Political Science.

OOOh… gotcha. I totally misunderstood that…So as long as you have your Math 140 and Physics 201 complete before you apply, you’ll be good. Minimum GPA is 2.5 but I would shoot for 3.25 or higher to be competitive. Basically shoot for a 4.0!!!

Alright cool! What do you think the odds of getting on-campus housing is for a spring transfer? I feel like living on campus would make the transition to A&M easier, as far as making friends and such.

Oh totally agree. I’m not sure what the housing situation is though for spring. BUT I will say there are plenty of close by college housing places surrounding campus and beyond. They will roommate match you as well and these places are amazing (think academic resort). So you have options. Nothing to stress about at this point.

Is a 3.25 GPA what they are accepting or is it higher?

2.5 is minimum. I’m saying be as competitive as you can.

Gotcha. is there any possible way to transfer in the fall of sophomore year? If so, would it be more competitive rather than the spring?

If you complete 24 hours by the end up this semester, including dual credit, then yes you can apply for summer or fall. Logically it seems there would be fewer people for spring so less competitive but I really don’t have numbers of transfer applications per semester to know for sure.