Transfer Requirements

<p>I'm thinking of transferring to Notre Dame for fall 2012. I saw that transfers are supposed to have 2 math courses, 2 science courses, and 1 english course. At this point, I would only have half of those completed by the end of this semester. does anyone know if this would completely prevent my application from being considered? I think ND would be a great fit for me, and i'm willing to take summer classes, etc., to make up for what i don't have. any one who could help with this would be great thanks!</p>

<p>I'm not sure, you would have to ask the admissions office to find out, but I think your only shot at getting in would be if you were registered for the required courses (like to take over the summer) at the time of your application. I'm pretty sure you would absolutely have to take them before starting at ND because they don't want to let in any transfer students who will start off already behind, but you may be able to get away with just presenting a plan for when and how you will fulfill the requirements before you transfer.</p>

<p>I also am thinking about transferring to Notre Dame for the Fall 2012. Do you have any AP credits, as I believe those help to fulfill the requirements? The one thing I do know-Notre Dame is pretty serious about transfer applicants having the required classes. In some cases this is more important than GPA. If you need any other help let me know, I've been talking to admissions a lot.</p>

<p>I transferred to Notre Dame. They definitely cared whether or not I could finish my degree in two years, and I actually had to go on campus and negotiate (more or less) with the chair of the department before they'd let me in. And don't expect to get housing on campus.</p>