Transfer schools that dont require hs transcripts

So… odd story.

I am in a very tough situation with my family. I just can’t live at home ever again. I’m 17 btw so college is the only option.

I figured out a way for me to graduate a year early, and I am going to have 60 early college (not really dual enrollment, actual community college classes) credits by the end of the summer. The credits are I GUESS dual bc they counted towards HS graduation.

All the deadlines for local schools for freshmen are far gone. Tried applying to a few they just accepted me for spring start.


Help me find a college with an open transfer deadline atm that doesn’t require a high school transcript. This way, I’ll just send the college transcript and they’ll have NO IDEA. And once I’m in and matriculated it’s kinda late to really do anything idk I’ll take the risk ok.

So right now I have 29 credits which SUCKS because 30 is usually the cutoff for needing a transcript. By May 5th I will have 32. By May 17th I’ll have 43. By August 8th I’ll have 57. So, June deadline with a 30 credit cutoff might work. I was checking out Temple.

I live in the greater Boston area so really anywhere in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. Within like 8 hour driving distance.

I want to major in pre-med but I can’t do like penn state since none of my credits would count towards the requirements since their program is so concentrated.

Also my college GPA is a 4.0. Hs is a 4.7 W not that I’d be submitting it. I started a national club and have a bunch of awards blah blah blah. I don’t rly care about the school tbh I’d prefer it to be kinda large or somewhat reputable but I’d rather graduate at 19 from a state school and then go somewhere prestigious for grad school.

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. There are quite a few posters on this site who might have some good advice for you. Do you have to go in as a transfer student? You might have more options as a freshman admit.

Possibly university of Pittsburgh…you could also check with each college and university that you’re consider that have rolling admissions and it’s possible that you could explain your situation and some won’t require the HS transcripts provided you will have finished those 30 credits before you actually enroll.

There will also be a list of schools with the NACAC on May 1 that didn’t meet their enrollment goals that might be worth checking out.

Are your parents willing to pay for your school?

I recently applied to some SUNY schools and a lot of them didnt require HS transcript if you already had a certain # of credits. I think for UAlbany it was 24. I really hope you can find a place. Some schools might require proof of graduation after acceptance but maybe if you explain your situation they can make an exception.

NYS doesn’t require proof of graduation from high school if a student has taken a specific set of 24 credits.

OP, how do you plan to pay for college? SUNYs cost ~$30k/year for OOS residents.