Transfer second time?

Hello I am currently studying in Univeristy of Michigan and planning to transfer to Cornell this spring. I was actually transferred from penn state to UM as a sophomore.
I was already about to submit my application yesterday, while I happened to find that I could not log into Elion to request an official transcript from penn state. Although I had contacted pen state about it, I am afraid it would take several days to weeks to solve it. So I am wondering if it is acceptable to attach an copy of official transcript when I am ordering the official transcript from UM? I have asked the staff in UM, they said it was ok to attach documents, but I am not sure if Cornell will accept it.

No, generally no copies of transcripts. Official transcripts need to be sent directly from the school itself. Why not try calling the Cornell admissions to get a straight answer. Why are you transferring again? Just curious. UMich is a great school.