Transfer Situation/Chances from SEC to top School

I want to be fairly brief and not bog anyone down with the description but, basically, I’m a current student at an SEC university who did the minimum in high school to do decent. I had a 3.2 GPA and ACT scores of 26 and 27 with a 27.5 super-score. I only have a year left at UA due to an absurd amount of high school credits regardless of only being there for a year and a half.

However, I have a relative in a high position on Wall Street who can possibly get me in, but not if I go my current (according to him). After discussions with family, we believe it would be a good decision to try and get into higher ranked schools due to my success in college. The schools on the list, which will be narrowed down, are: Boston University, Boston College, Colgate University, Cornell University, Hamilton College, NYU (where I have an abundance of alumni), The College of William & Mary, Tufts University, University of Michigan, UPenn, UVA, and Vanderbilt. A chance me for the schools listed would be much appreciated. I’m well aware that most of these schools I have a low chance of getting into, but my family wanted some of these schools for some odd reason.

My stats are as listed below:
Finance Major
GPA- 3.722 with many major related courses taken.
Athletics- Varsity football, varsity tennis, AAU/CYO basketball in high school, and intramural basketball in college.
Clubs- Peer AIDS (raises awareness of aids), Senior Nation, and SADD (promotes safety with alcohol and more).
Competitions- Comptroller’s Entrepreneurial Challenge, Adelphi University’s Apprentice Business Conference, Sports Marketing Workshop with the NY Islanders.
Job- Worked as a cashier for my relatives restaurant for 4 years.
I’m also spending my next semester abroad in Rome with John Cabot University.
Lastly, I have one student misconduct for walking home at night with friends while cutting through restricted school property to save time on my walk to the dorms. It was a bonehead decision and I explained it in my Common Application.

Thanks in advance for reading this and any responses you may have! I’m sorry it had to be so lengthy but I tried to make it as short as I can.

I would just like to add I’m not applying in finance to majority of the schools knowing it would even further reduce my chances of getting in. I’m looking at economics, public policy, or international affairs since I’m interested in all of those topics and it may increase my chances of getting in.

So just a few tidbits of information.

“However, I have a relative in a high position on Wall Street who can possibly get me in, but not if I go my current (according to him).”
I’m not sure I understood this part. Where can this high position employee on Wall Street get you into? A job/internship? Awesome! A spot in some college? Not cool dude.

Some of the colleges on your list are need-aware, so if money is a factor, then your chances might be diminished at those. I know UPenn has the whole “most billionaire alumni” etc allure to it, but as it stands now your chances there are quite low unfortunately. This is due to both your GPA and test scores, despite having some decent EC’s. I recommend you take the February ACT in hopes of raising that scores to a plus 32+.
Vanderbilt is particularly particular with its test scores, they looooooove high scores, so that college might be a hurdle to get into.

NYU seems doable if you’ve got the $$$, but I seriously encourage you to up that ACT score. Good luck!

With the connection to my uncle, I was referring to an internship/job for my summer and post graduate life. I also won’t have the time to retake the ACT because I’ll be abroad in Rome and will graduate at the end of the next school year due to my abundance of credits earned in high school.