Transfer Stats?

<p>So I had a question about transferring. In case I don't get into Duke I would strongly consider transferring at some point, so I was wondering if there are any transfers here that wouldn't mind sharing their stats, and how they got into Duke? Or anything that would be helpful! Thanks.</p>

<p>Which class are you transferring into? They have an extremely limited sophomore slot for transfers and no junior transfer spots open</p>

<p>I'm a senior in HS right now. I am applying ED to the class of 2016. But I feel like I won't get accepted. So in case I don't I plan on transferring after freshman year.</p>

<p>Transfer Stats:
Duke</a> University Admissions: Transfer Students</p>

<p>@ nasali2012: As someone who transferred into Duke himself, it's not easy transferring. Even if you get in (which is more competitive than regular admissions), it requires a transition; my sophomore year at Duke was basically like being a freshman for a 2nd time. I think it is way too early to think about transferring. If you don't get in, there are hundreds of other great colleges and universities out there. You may not realize it now, but you may actually enjoy your life better at another school if you don't get into Duke. Thinking about transferring to Duke this early on as a high school senior is a mistake and will make you miserable for an entire year if you end up at another school, even if there are so many great things about it. Many things happen for a reason, so if you don't get into Duke, don't think it's time to work on the transfer app. Give the other schools a chance. Good luck and I know things will work out whether you end up at Duke or elsewhere!</p>

<p>Okay I understand where you guys are coming from. And I think regardless of where I go I will love it and make the most of it. But I was just wondering what kind of stats transfer students had, just for referance.</p>

<p>The acceptance rate for transfer students this semester was 2.8%, so I can't image them accepting anything less than perfect stats.</p>