Transfer student - adding a transferable course

Hello I am a community college student planning to transfer to CSUN for the math major. I received admission last January.

The intro computer class (Java) I was planning to take does not transfer to CSUN. I was originally taking it to help me out when I go take the computer class at CSUN.

I just got a spot for me to take Physics, which does transfer to CSUN (There was no space earlier). However, I will need to drop the Java class to take Physics.

Do I need to notify CSUN about dropping the Java class and taking Physics instead? What about the other CSU schools I applied to? I’m not sure if I should update the CSU apply application because the deadline was Jan 31.

thank you.

Yes, you should notify all schools of your schedule change. Your final transcripts need to match what had been submitted on your application.

Email admissions and keep any documentation you receive back.