Transfer Student "Chancing" and Questions

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I'm looking for someone to tell me what they think my chances of being accepted are as a transfer student at NEU.</p>

<p>Currently I'm in my third semester at the state university in Pennsylvania near my home town to save on cash. I have a 4.0, but I will be getting an A- in one of my five classes this semester, probably bringing my GPA down to a 3.9. I've taken enough credits that my high school information and SATs don't have to be listed. I'm an Eagle Scout and have participated in a variety of other activities besides Boy Scouts including Venture Scouts, Young Democrats, LGBTQA, Gay-Straight Alliance, Thespian Society, my church's youth and adult choirs, a handbell choir, and several mission trips through my church's youth group. I've served in leadership positions in several of said clubs. </p>

<p>A few questions:
1. Is it okay to send in multiple letters of recommendation from professors and an employer?
2. For letters of recommendation, is there a way to convey that I have not reviewed them? Sometimes colleges prefer knowing that the student played no part in influencing what is written in the letter.
3. I'm not sure I have many honors to list, but would I include things like Eagle Scout in that?
4. If I apply by the end of November is it likely that I'll receive notice of acceptance or not by the end of the year? They say 2-4 weeks, but with the holidays I wouldn't be surprised if things get pushed into January.</p>

<p>Multiple letters? A lot of schools get angry. Some just throw the second one out, but some will count it against you for not following rules. Definitely have the one from the professor, because it'll help you a lot more than one from an employer. If you are desperate to have two, call admissions first to check that it's okay- but I personally doubt it is. They have a lot of applications to read.</p>

<p>There is a box on the form that waives your right to view or request the letter. Plus, letters have to be sent directly to the school from the recommender (via online or mail).</p>

<p>Eagle Scout is decently impressive, but pushing it. "Honors" should be different honors programs, societies, dean's list, awards, etc. Eagle Scout I suppose could be one... But definitely put things like "Class Vice President" in "activities" rather than "honors". Putting fewer honors is a lot better than putting in things that definitely aren't honors, because it just makes you look a little desperate (provided of course that you put those things someplace else so that they can still see them).</p>

<p>Transfers are technically "rolling basis". That could mean a few weeks like you said (which I assume you heard somewhere). But if they get swamped, it could be longer. Plus in December they are rushing to get EA applicants out, so transfers are probably put on the back burner for a few weeks.</p>