Transfer student Common App Question

<p>Where is the option for "Post-Graduate" under activites/work experience? All I see is 11,12,JR,SO,FY. Thanks</p>

<p>The vast majority of transfers apply in their fr or soph year, so they don't need space for post-grad work and activities.</p>

<p>If you already have a 4 yr degree, you are not considered a transfer student.</p>

<p>ok I am a junior transfer, so I must then click "JR"(for some reason I thought this also correleated to HS) and fill out the info.. got it! Thanks.</p>

<p>The CA is kind of funny, as they put:</p>

<p>11 12 FY SO JR</p>

<p>FY stands for freshman yr, but to be consistent, they should have designated it: FR</p>

<p>If you're a jr transfer applicant, that means you're currently a soph, so you should have activities for HS (11 & 12) and the first two years of college (FY and SO). I guess you might possibly have JR activity/work for something you have planned for this coming summer.</p>

<p>yeah it seemed a bit odd but I got it now. Appreciate the advice.</p>