Transfer Student: Have plenty of questions in mind

<p>Hey all, </p>

<p>I'm a transfer student from Singapore, and I've done about a year's worth of classes in an overseas campus operated by Broward College from FL. My latest GPA is 3.22, and I spent two years in the army in the Singapore Armed Forces. Also sent in glowing reference letters from two professors (one of them's the Dean) and a decent letter from my Commanding Officer.</p>

<p>The major I declared to Goucher is International Relations, and I intend to come in for Fall '11.</p>

<p>Several questions here:</p>

<h1>1. Can anyone attest to the quality of the professors who teach IR?</h1>

<h1>2. I absolutely love gaming and the idea of a special interest gaming house - Hooper House - could probably be the clincher for me should I receive an acceptance letter. What are the chances for a transfer student to get through the application process?</h1>

<h1>3. Financial aid. My household income is pretty decent but we're really bogged down by essential expenses like the maintenance of two grandmothers of both sides of the family and we may have trouble paying for Mom's Stage 3 breast cancer. Can anything be done about it? Asking to pay $48-50k/year is a bit steep. :\ If nothing can be done about it, I might have to choose another public school instead.</h1>

<p>Thanks! :3</p>